League Play at Knollwood

Our league play has grown exponentially over the years and as such sells out virtually every season. We encourage all Traditional and Debit Members of all ages and abilities to join in the fun and participate in the occasional theme night, ‘Bring A Friend Day’ and ‘Field Trip’.

Part of our success has been the creative support from our food and beverage department which features delicious menus and well priced features each week. If you have an interested group of golfers and would like to start a weekly league at
Knollwood, let us know – we would love to help.

Contact me if you would like more information on leagues or assistance in registration for a league.
Steve Tilma – General Manager
905 648 6687  ex. 107


Members have the choice of playing 9 or 18 holes. Tee times are blocked each week for the Men’s and Ladies league members to take advantage of.

League Fee:


The League Fee includes:

  • Debit Membership Card
  • Access to our preferred league member golf rates
  • Ability to play in weekly on course games
  • League Closing Banquet Meal
  • End of the year gift


To sign up you will be asked to preload a minimum of $400.00 onto your ‘Debit Membership Card.’ We will then give you a 10% bonus and load $440.00 onto your card. Your card can be used on your golf purchases as well as in our restaurant. If you do not spend the full amount during the season all we ask is that you top it up to the $400.00 and can continue using it the following season. The league fee is added on top of the $400.00.

Weekly League Fees:

The weekly league fees are as follows:

  • Walking 9 or 18 Holes: $25 tax included
  • Power Cart: Additional $12.00/rider tax included

For complete information, view our Information Packages on our Men’s and Ladies Leagues

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